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This is the first page of this type - a table of patterns that needs explanation, expansion, and links to more detail. There are at least 4-5 of these tables that should follow the same template, so we are blazing a train for others to follow here.

Now that the basic structure has been built-out, I am not sure I love it. The TOC looks very nice, and I like that each item is a link, but the page is already very long with almost no content, and will be even longer with just a paragraph under each subject. I imagine that each subject item could want a dedicated page; possibly several.

I wonder if we should switch to recreating the graphical table as a text table (using the wiki markup for tables), with the subject items in the cells as links to dedicated pages. Creating the links in the table would also have the side effect of listing the pages in the Wanted Pages special page, which some people might use as a To Do list for contributing to the site.