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Pages copied from MediaWiki are usually Help pages.

Two big issues show up for pages copied from MediaWiki: translation tags, translation templates, and translatable links.

Translation Tags

Translation tags look like: <translate>, </translate>, <languages />, and one that is different each time, but has the format <!--T:2-->, where the number after the T: changes.

All of these tags should be deleted from the copied code to product clean formatting on Wardleypedia.

Translation Templates

Templates all have the form of {{some template name}}. Not every template should be removed. Some, we may already have working on Wardleypedia, some we probably want to have, and so need to be moved (see how to copy a template from MediWiki), and some don't really apply and should be removed.

If a template that should be remove is alone on a line, it can just be deleted. Sometimes, it is in the middle of a link, e.g. [[Category:Help{{Langcat|Formatting}}|Formatting]]. In this example, you can, as before, just delete the template codes (everything between, and including the curly braces).

Translatable Links