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Atlas 2 is a tool for Wardley Map creation and collaboration.


Atlas 2 aims to streamline the process of creating and sharing maps. [1]

Atlas 2 is open-source and licensed under the Apache License 2.0. [2]

The Atlas 2 project is sponsored by the Leading Edge Forum. [3]


Altas 2 is available in two options:


The following provides a quick overview and is not intended to be exhaustive list of features:

  • Basic collaborative real-time editing
  • Map annotations
  • Submaps
  • Zoom and jump to parent map
  • Map variants and diffs
  • Scenario management
  • Map import/export
  • User management

User Guide and Tutorials

The Atlas 2 user manual is published in the GitHub Wiki:

Krzysztof Daniel, the Atlas 2 core developer, has published a three-part tutorial:


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