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Right now, the main page is a big manifesto and list of things we want to do, which is great as new people come to see what is happening here. However, it is terrible as a main page for content, because there are no links to any actual content. As quickly as possible, we need to start morphing this page into something that leads people into the content. The manifesto stuff should probably move to a sub-section, and eventually to a separate page with just a link on the main page.

ToDo List for the Main Page

  • Create an entry point to the actual content - maybe a list to the list of all pages, recently changed pages, categories page, etc.
  • Create some content on the page or a link to a separate page that explains the rudiments of how and when to edit / contribute
  • Create a structure to include the stuff above, and some relevant front-page worthy content. Maybe a box with a list of recently added / changed pages, or maybe some kind of news feed from an external source. (not a fan of random news, but maybe a feed showing recent tweets / blogs form Wardley or other relevant authors, etc.)