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This is the first page of this type - a table of patterns that needs explanation, expansion, and links to more detail. There are at least 4-5 of these tables that should follow the same template, so we are blazing a train for others to follow here.

The template should probably be something like:

  • A paragraph or so of summary description, e.g. of what Climatic patterns are (but not a long explanation of how to use them - link to that)
  • A table of patterns (prefer a text-based table, not the graphic, although a small version of the original Wardley graphic might be interesting in addition)
  • Table of Contents (automatically generated)
  • List of elements from the table as section headers
  • Within each element section, a paragraph-ish long explanation of the element, possibly with links to more detail on the element.
  • Per element categories might be appropriate, but just speculating right now
  • Final References section at the end with external links, probably including links back to original Wardley blog posts / book chapters.

There should be a small number of top-line categories that these few tables should represent, e.g. Climatic Patterns, Doctrine, Game Play, etc. We may want sub-categories under those top-line ones for secondary / more detailed pages. Include relevant category tags for the page

To Do

  • Recreate the table in text
  • Shrink and reposition the graphic (or remove)
  • Create sections for each element - use the proper formatting to generate a TOC
  • Write a top-level summary (ensure it is formatted to appear above the TOC)
  • Find and add relevant details to each section
  • Add references to original Wardley (or external) source material
  • Add category tags