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This is a list of questions we ask ourselves in business, with (hopefully) some insight on how we can use Wardley Mapping to answer them.

Q: Some companies seem to make small investments that compound over time into unbeatable competitive advantage. How can I do that?

Q: we are a tech company who has built most of our software IP on an older model (e.g. monolithic application). How do we justify & manage a shift to the new hotness (e.g. serverless)?

Q: I am a marketing director / manager / Individual contributor in a large company. I want to have an outsized impact on my company, but feel constrained to work mostly within my functional domain. What do I do? (Same question for different functional areas.)

Q: I am building a software application. Should I make it open or closed source?

Q: My business depends on a piece of open source technology that seems to be abandoned, what should I do?

Q: I work at a company that used to have strong growth and was seen as an industry leader. Now it feels like we are the legacy and newer companies are getting all the attention. What should we do?