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Just waiting for you to add your content!
[[project:Styleguide for example maps|Styleguide for example maps]]
If you have a map you can share, use the Upload file button on the left to upload an image of the map.  Then, search for the page name you plan to use for your map - if the name is already taken, you will be shown that page; please think of a name that will help others recognize the difference between your map and the existing one.  If the name isn't taken, you will see a link to create a new page. Click this link, and enter some text describing your map.
==Page Names==
Page names need to be unique across the whole wiki, so pick a name that won't collide with any of the key terms from the Wardley mapping process, and is specific enough to separate your map from others in similar or adjacent industries.
For now, I suggest you end your name with the word "map", so that the page name makes it clear that it is an example map.
==Image Links==
There is a button in your editing toolbar for embedding your recently uploaded file.  Use the same filename as when you uploaded the file.
==Descriptive Text==
Write as much as you can about your map.  You probably do mapping differently from others here, and we are interested in how you do it.  The more you explain it, the more we can be surprised at why you did things the way you did, and this will lead to healthy discussion.
Include the tag: <nowiki>[[Category:Example Maps]]</nowiki> at the bottom of your page to include it on this page.
When you look at someone else's map, you should feel free to correct minor typos and add categorization, but be very careful about changing the meaning.  If something doesn't make sense, or seems "wrong", better to discuss on the talk page and encourage the original creator to elaborate / clarify.  This is one case where the original author's opinion carries special weight - after all, that map is his own creation.
[[Category: Top Level Categories]]
[[Category: Top Level Categories]]

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