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Just waiting for you to add your content!

Create a page per component. Search for the page name you plan to use for your component - if the name is already taken, you will be shown that page; please think of a name that will help others recognize the difference between your component and the existing one (or add your content to that one). If the name isn't taken, you will see a link to create a new page. Click this link, and enter some text describing your component.

Page Names

Page names need to be unique across the whole wiki, so pick a name that won't collide with any of the key terms from the Wardley mapping process, and is specific enough to separate your component from others in similar or adjacent industries. We can change names later, so don't obsess over getting it perfectly right, but also don't use something that will be obviously too generic when we have several hundred components.

Descriptive Text

Describe your component well enough that others are pretty clear on what it is and what it isn't. You want others who might be working on a similar component to be able to decide if they need a separate page, or if they should contribute to this page.

Definitely describe where you think it is in maturity according to the Wardley Mapping classification, and include the date for this estimation (things change, after all). Ideally you can add some evidence for this; maybe some pointers to articles that describe it in a particular way.

I think it would be interesting to add a section with links to other components that often need this component (higher in the value chain) and another section for components that might be needed by this component. You can create the links without creating the page, and this will create a demand signal for others to fill in those components.


Include the tag: [[Category:Component Maturity]] at the bottom of your page to include it on this category page.


When you look at a component page someone else has contributed, feel free to edit any typos or add helpful categorization. Hopefully we all agree on what a component is, but there is a lot of room for confusion on this point, so work with the original author via the Discussion page wherever possible. I expect that we will often disagree on the maturity of a component. This discussion is a huge part of why we are here, so here is my advice:

  • Participate in the discussion - don't assume you are right or wrong in your opinion
  • Document the discussion in the article - the range of opinions and how we reached consensus will be very interesting
  • Evidence and arguments supporting one maturity level or another should show up in the main article
  • Negotiating and haggle over what something is or isn't - that is: discussions that are helpful in the moment to those involved, but don't need to be rehashed by everyone who reads the page, should go into the Discussion tab.
  • Feel free to leave something as unresolved - indicate that there is debate about exactly where something belongs on the map, and include the best possible arguments for each position.

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